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When you are moving house or offices, packing can be one of the most laborious and lengthy tasks you have to complete. Besides the manual part of packing, you also have to think about what to pack and what to leave, how you can declutter, and find the best packing materials. There’s a lot of time and money involved, and many times you might have to pool resources together to get it done in time. The faster and more efficient way to complete your packing is to use a reputable moving and packing service. Contact Green Planet Movers for affordable relocation services nationally. We are here to make your move easy and hassle-free.

Planning Your Packing

Whether you are moving across town or the country, there is a lot to think about when you have to uproot your entire life. As far as packing, it’s best to draw up a plan of how you intend to do it to avoid missing anything important and getting off schedule.

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To do your packing and move as smooth as possible, you can draw up a list of everything you need to do and work on a timeline for each item. Being realistic about the amount of work to be done and the level of assistance it requires can save you from a lot of stress. You can start with the end in mind; here are some of the items you should consider for your move:

  • When you need to be moved out of your home or office completely
  • How much time it is going to take you to do all the packing
  • When you should begin packing
  • What resources and assistance you are going to need to meet your targets
  • What items you should pack and take with you
  • What to do with any items you decide not to take with you.
  • How to pack valuables and breakables safely
  • What kind of packing supplies you are going to need
  • How you are going to move and transport your belongings

There is a lot to consider, so the sooner you involve Green Planet Movers in your planning, the less planning and heavy lifting you will need to do. We are experienced in packing and moving and have helped many families relocate all over the United States. When you trust us with your moving and packing, we take care of the details and get you ready to move right on schedule. We have moving consultants prepared to guide you through every step of the process.

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Selecting What to Carry to Your New Location

Packing to move can involve making some difficult decisions. Most of us own a little more than we need. When you stay in the same house as yours, it’s easy to stockpile items that you never use. Letting go of old clothes, old furniture, and other not-in-use items can be tough, especially if there are sentimental value and enough storage space.

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Before you start packing, we recommend that you reevaluate what you want to take with you. Think about which of your possessions you never use. If you are downsizing homes or apartments, you will not have the same storage space available. In this case, you have to cut down as much as you can. Even if space is not going to be an issue, you can use this time to declutter, reevaluate what you need, and make space for the new. Moving with many items, you don’t need any more costs you time and money.

We have seen people go through their belongings carefully and cut down on their total moving loads significantly. This process can take some time, but it is worth it. You can start by choosing what you need and use regularly. You can decide whether you still have a place in your heart and your home of the remaining items.

Decluttering is not easy, but it’s a great way to get organized. You might find that the items you have kept for years are much more useful and valuable in someone else’s hands. There are a few ways to handle things you have decided to leave behind. These include:

  • Donating good condition items to charity shops and organizations
  • Selling items
  • Giving the items to friends and family
  • Throwing away anything that is no longer in usable condition

When you have settled on what you are moving with, you can start packing and making final arrangements. It’s so much easier to do when you have cut down on your belongings. If you require professional assistance, look into our packing services.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe

One of the major considerations you have to make when moving is how to keep your items safe in transit. Any fragile items like your fine china have to be packed and transported carefully; otherwise, they are likely to break. Your valuable, be it by monetary or sentimental value, also have to be kept safe.

At Green Planet Movers, we understand how important your belongings are to you. We are experienced with efficient packing of any household items you have, big or small. We also have a great team that you can trust to safely get your items to your new location.

Our Professional Packing Team

We value the trust relationship we have with our clients. We pride ourselves on building a trustworthy and dependable team. Your belongings are valuable to you, so we are cautious about who we bring onto our packing team.

Our packing and moving team comprises a professional group of people. Our staff is responsible and trustworthy. Every team member is trained and experienced in handling specialty items. We believe in delivering the best customer service, and you are sure to find that our staff is polite and respectful. We guarantee that your belongings are going to get where they need to be in good condition.

Choosing the Services You Need

Green Planet Movers offers a range of moving services and has a nationwide reach. You can work with our moving consultants to figure out the best moving package for you. Consider how much you have to move, what distance you are moving, what experience you have with packing valuables in particular, and your timeline.

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We can suggest a plan that suits your needs, but the final decision is yours. If you want a quote or more information, be sure to reach out to us. Some of the services we offer include moving trucks, full or partial packing services, packing materials, loading, unloading, and more. You can bring us in to assist with all your packing or with just the loading of your heavier items like furniture.

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We provide professional and affordable packing services. You can count on us to complete the work on time and use only the best packing materials. We have a great footprint nationwide, and no move is too small or too big for us.

If you intend to move soon, get in touch with us to start the planning process. Our friendly team is ready to assist. Please find out more about our affordable packages, and request a free quote when you call us today.

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