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Moving from Colorado to North Carolina: Which City Would You Choose?

“As a North Carolina native, I can say that our state is a great place for Southern hospitality. Our people are warm and friendly, and we love to welcome newcomers with open arms. There is a plethora of things to do in North Carolina, from mountain biking and hiking in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains to fishing and boating on our many lakes and rivers. We also have a thriving arts scene, with world-class museums and theaters. And our food is amazing – from traditional Southern comfort food to award-winning barbecue and seafood. If you’re looking for the place where you can feel at home and experience Southern hospitality at its best, North Carolina is the place for you!” – James C, Green Planet client. He recently returned to North Carolina, bringing his Colorado family with him.

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A Great Move Starts With Professional Movers

Why People are Moving to North Carolina

Are you looking out there for a change of pace and scenery? Then you should consider moving to North Carolina! This beautiful state includes something for everyone, from the beaches and Outer Banks in the east to the mountains in the west. North Carolina is also home to vibrant cities like Charlotte and Raleigh. North Carolina is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a place to call home.


There are some reasons why North Carolina is more affordable than Colorado. First, North Carolina’s economy is not as reliant on high-paying jobs in the energy sector. This means that housing costs are not as inflated as in Colorado. Housing costs, in particular, are much more affordable in North Carolina, with the median home value being $325,000 compared to Colorado’s median home value of $650,000.

affordable living in north carolina
More Affordable Living Costs Than Denver

Additionally, North Carolina has a lower overall sales tax rate than Colorado.

  • The minimum total 2022 sales tax rate for Denver, Colorado, is 8.81%. This is the sum of state, county and city sales tax rates.
  • The minimum combined 2022 sales tax rate for Welcome, North Carolina is 6.88%

This makes everyday purchases more affordable. Finally, North Carolina’s cost of living is lower than Colorado’s, thanks partly to the state’s lower housing costs.


There is no shortage of variety to be found in North Carolina when it comes to life. One can find both rural and urban areas and coastal and mountain regions. This provides residents with plenty of opportunities to find the right environment.

Those who prefer city life can find plenty of options in North Carolina. The state’s largest cities, Charlotte and Raleigh, offer everything from dense urban neighborhoods to suburban areas. There are also plenty of both cultural and entertainment options available in these cities.

raleligh and charlotte nc
Charlotte, NC (left), Raleigh, NC (right)

Those who prefer a more rural lifestyle can also find what they’re looking for in North Carolina. The state has a number of small towns that offer a close-knit community feel. These towns are also often located near beautiful natural landscapes like mountains or forests.

North Carolina is also home to many coastal communities. These communities offer residents easy access to the state’s stunning beaches and coastline. In addition, these areas often have a strong sense of community and are known for their friendly people.

More Balanced Politics

Politics in North Carolina are more balanced compared to other states in the country. This is because the state has two major political parties: the Democrats and the Republicans. As of 2022, both parties have a more or less equal number of representatives in the state legislature.

Additionally, while North Carolina has a history of electing Democratic governors, checks and balances are in place to ensure one party’s agenda does not take precedence over the other. This balance between the two parties means that neither side ever fully dominates the other in North Carolina politics. This allows for a healthier state of discourse than in a state such as California or Montana, where one party usually has all the stroke.

north carolina politics
North Carolina Politics Is Balanced

5 Best Places to Move to in North Carolina

Ashville NC

If you’re looking for a charming small town with plenty of Southern hospitality, Ashville, NC, is a great place to call home. There’s always something or other going on in this vibrant community, from live music and farmers’ markets to outdoor festivals and art galleries. And with the Blue Ridge Mountains providing a picturesque backdrop, it’s hard not to fall in love with Ashville’s natural beauty.

There are also a ton of affordable housing options available in Ashville, and the city’s schools are consistently ranked amongst the finest in the state. Whether you’re drawn to Ashville’s natural beauty or vibrant culture, there’s no doubt this charming town has something to offer everyone.

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Moving To Ashville, NC

Similar Colorado Cities: Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins

The cost of living is actually considerably higher in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins than it is in Ashville, NC. The weather is also much more temperate in Ashville, NC, than in the other three cities. The three cities also see a lot more snow than Ashville, NC. Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins are probably better choices than Ashville, NC, if you want an active lifestyle. However, if you happen to be on the lookout for a better, more relaxed lifestyle, then Ashville, NC, may be your better choice.

denver boulder and fort collins
Denver, CO (Left), Boulder, CO (Middle Right), Fort Collins, CO (Right)

Charlotte, NC

If you’re looking out for a great place to live and prefer a more city-based lifestyle, you should definitely check out Charlotte, North Carolina. The city is booming with new businesses and opportunities, and there’s always something to do. Whether you’re into sports, concerts, or just exploring new restaurants, Charlotte has something for everyone.

The city of Charlotte is known as the Queen City because it was named for Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the spouse of King George III. Charlotte was founded in 1755 and has been a thriving city ever since. It’s a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

There are plenty of job opportunities and cultural events, and the cost of living is relatively affordable. The people of Charlotte are friendly and welcoming, and there’s always something new to explore. Charlotte is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a great place to call home.

The people here are also incredibly friendly and welcoming, which makes it a great place to call home. If you’re ever considering a move, I highly recommend checking out Charlotte – you won’t be disappointed!

charlotte nc movers
Long Distance Moving To Charlotte, NC

Similar Colorado Cities: Denver

There are many similarities between Charlotte, NC, and Denver, CO. Both are beautiful, thriving cities with many to offer residents and visitors. However, when it comes down to it, Charlotte is the better place to live.

The biggest reason for this is the weather. Charlotte has a temperate climate with average temperatures year-round in the 70s and 90s. Conversely, Denver has more extreme colder winters and hotter summers, with temperatures often reaching into the 90s.

Charlotte is also much more affordable than Denver. The cost of living in Charlotte is nearly 20% lower than in Denver, which can be a significant aspect in deciding where to live.

Finally, Charlotte has a much more diverse and vibrant economy than Denver. With major industries, including banking, healthcare, and technology, Charlotte offers many job opportunities for residents. Denver’s economy is more limited, relying mainly on tourism and agriculture.

Charlotte is a better place to start a life than Denver. It has a warmer climate, is more affordable, and has a more diverse economy.

charlotte nc is similar to denver
Living In Charlotte, NC, Is Similar To Denver, CO

Raleigh, NC

A lot makes Raleigh, North Carolina, a great place to live. For one thing, it’s a very welcoming and friendly city. It’s also an excellent place for raising young families, as there are plenty of things to do and plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community. There’s also a strong sense of community in Raleigh, which is something that’s really important to many people.

Overall, Raleigh is just a great place to live. It’s safe, it’s affordable, and there’s always something to do. Raleigh should definitely be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a place to call home!

long distance moving to raleigh nc
Moving From Colorado To Raleigh, NC

Similar Colorado Cities: Colorado Springs, Fort Collins

For many reasons, Raleigh, NC, is a better place to live than similar-sized cities such as Colorado Springs, CO, and Fort Collins, CO. First, Raleigh has a more temperate climate than Colorado Springs or Fort Collins. The average temperature in Raleigh is 58 degrees Fahrenheit, the average temperature in Colorado Springs is 64 degrees Fahrenheit and the average temperature in Fort Collins is 59 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that Raleigh is less likely to experience extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes or blizzards.

Second, Raleigh has a more diverse economy than Colorado Springs or Fort Collins. The top five industries in Raleigh are technology, government, healthcare, education, and financial services. By contrast, the top five industries in Colorado Springs are aerospace, defense, medical devices, agriculture, and tourism. The top five industries in Fort Collins are software, biotechnology, engineering services, advanced manufacturing, and food processing. This means that Raleigh has more job opportunities than either Colorado Springs or Fort Collins.

Finally, Raleigh is a more culturally diverse city than Colorado Springs or Fort Collins. More than 50 different languages are spoken in Raleigh schools. By contrast, only ten different languages are spoken in Colorado Springs schools, and only six different languages are spoken in Fort Collins schools. This means that Raleigh offers more opportunities for cultural enrichment than either Colorado Springs or Fort Collins.

long distance movers from fort collins and colorado springs, co
Colorado Springs (Left), Fort Collins (Right)

Nags Head, NC

There are many reasons why life in Nags Head, North Carolina, is excellent. One of the main reasons is that it is a small beach town with just over 3,000 people. This means that everyone knows each other and has a strong sense of community. Nags Head is also located on the Outer Banks, which offers beautiful beaches and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The town is also site to a variety of businesses and restaurants, so there is always something to do. I love living in Nags Head and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

long distance moving to Nags Head, NC
Do You See What I Sea?

Similar Colorado Cities: Estes Park, Breckenridge

Living in Nags Head, North Carolina, is a lot different than living in Estes Park, Colorado, and Breckenridge, Colorado. In Estes Park, the population is around 7,000 people, and in Breckenridge, the population is around 10,000.

Nags Head is a much smaller town with a population of only 3,000 people. Because of the smaller population size, there are not as many businesses and things to do in Nags Head as there are in Estes Park and Breckenridge.

However, what Nags Head lacks in businesses and activities, it makes up for in its natural scenery. The beaches in Nags Head are beautiful, and the Outer Banks are great for kayaking or paddle boarding.

The mountains in Estes Park and Breckenridge are also beautiful, but they cannot compare to the beaches in Nags Head. Overall, I prefer living in Nags Head because of its natural scenery and small-town atmosphere.

moving from Breckenridge or Estes Park
Breckenridge & Estes Park’s DownTownd

Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, North Carolina, is a tranquil place to live for many reasons. The people are friendly and welcoming, the cost of living is reasonable, and there is always something to do.

One of the best aspects about life in Wilmington is its close-knit community. Everyone knows their neighbors, and people are always willing to help out. Whether you need a ride down to the local grocery store or someone to watch your kids while you run errands, someone is always happy to help.

The cost of living in Wilmington is also very reasonable. You can easily find a one-bed apartment for around $700 per month, and most restaurants and shops are also affordable.

Finally, there is always something to do in Wilmington. The city has a vibrant arts scene, with galleries and theaters scattered throughout the town. There are also plenty of parks, recreational areas, and green spaces for hiking and biking, and the coast is merely a short drive away.

Wilmington, NC movers
Long Distance Move To Wilmington, NC

Similar Colorado Cities: Castle Rock, Parker

Wilmington, NC, is a great place to live when stacked against similar cities in Colorado, like Castle Rock and Parker. And there are many reasons why. For one, Wilmington is much more affordable than Parker, CO, or Castle Rock, CO. The cost of living in Wilmington is significantly lower, which makes it a more affordable place to live.

Additionally, Wilmington has a much more diverse economy than either Parker CO or Castle Rock CO. Wilmington has a strong healthcare and banking sector. At the same time, Parker CO and Castle Rock CO are both dominated by the tech industry, with fewer opportunities for other sectors.

Finally, Wilmington has a much stronger sense of community than Parker CO or Castle Rock CO, which have more of a city-style isolated frame of mind. The people of Wilmington are friendly and welcoming, and they take pride in their city. Overall, Wilmington is a better place to live than Parker, CO, or Castle Rock, CO.

castle rock and parker co cities
Goodby Castle Rock and Parker CO! We’re Moving To NC

Getting Your Colorado Home Sold Before the Move

Getting your home in Colorado sold before making the long-distance move to North Carolina is essential. You don’t want to be stuck with two mortgage payments. Plus, you’ll need the money from selling your Colorado home to buy a home in North Carolina.

Cleaning Out Your Home

If you’re looking to put up your home on the market, it’s essential to ensure it’s in the best condition possible. This means clearing out any clutter and making any necessary repairs.

The first step is going through your house and removing any unnecessary belongings. This can be tough, but it’s important to be ruthless if you want to get the best price for your home.

clean your home and renew garden
Cleaning & Gardening – Make It Look Fresh!

Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, it’s time to focus on the repairs. If there happen to be any broken windows or doors, make sure to fix them. And if your walls or ceilings are damaged, be sure to patch them up.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward and sell your home quickly and for a reasonable price.

Finding a Good Real Estate Agent

The first step is to source a real estate agent. Look for an agent who has experience selling homes in your area and is familiar with the Colorado market. Make sure you interview several agents before selecting one.

Once you’ve found an agent you’re comfortable with, it’s time to start preparing your home for sale. This includes making any necessary repairs, decluttering, and staging.

real estate agent in colorado
Done Deal! Take The Keys And Let’s Move To NC

Your agent will help you pinpoint the best listing price for your home. They will also create marketing materials and list your home on the MLS. Once your home is listed, it’s just a matter of time until you find a buyer.

Once you have an offer, your agent will help you negotiate with the buyer to get the best possible price for your home. Once the sale is finalized, you’ll be able to start packing for your move to North Carolina!

Hiring the Best Long-Distance Movers in Denver

The market for long-distance movers is saturated with companies. It seems like a new moving company pops up every week. This makes it difficult for consumers to know which company to trust with their belongings.

There are a few good pointers that you can follow to make sure that you choose the right long-distance moving company.

long distance movers in colorado
Best Movers In Denver, Colorado

Look For Online Reviews

When you are looking for the finest long-distance movers in Denver, it is a good idea to start by looking for online reviews. This will give you a pretty clear perception of which companies are the most popular and highly rated.

But where can you find trustworthy reviews? Here are some of the best places you can begin:

  • Google Reviews – Google is an excellent source for reviews, as it has a large user base and pulls from many different sources. You can find honest, unbiased reviews from people who have used the moving company. This can help you understand what to expect from the company and whether or not they are reliable.
  • BBB – The Better Business Bureau is a reputable source for researching businesses. They have been operating since 1912 and are dedicated to helping consumers find trustworthy companies. They maintain a database of accredited interactions and those with complaints filed against them. This makes them an excellent resource for researching potential businesses to work with. The Better Business Bureau features a database of accredited companies, and it also includes customer reviews.
  • Department of Transportation – The Department of Transportation’s Movers Directory is the ultimate source for researching moving companies. The directory includes an index of all licensed movers and brokers nationwide. The Movers Directory also has a state-by-state directory of local movers, so you can easily find a mover in your area.
department of transportation website
Make Sure You Are Dealing With A Trustworthy Moving Company

In the DOT Movers Directory, you can view the official stats of every company listed:

  1. Mover or Carrier
  2. Office Address
  3. Number of Trucks
  4. Types of Trucks
  5. Complaints Table (where applicable)
  6. Safety Compliance Records

Ask Around

Another great way to find the best long-distance movers is to ask around. Talk to your family and friends to see if they have any recommendations. Chances are, they will know someone who has moved recently and can recommend a great company.

ask your family and friends
Ask For Reviews

A sound referral from a good friend or family member can carry more weight than an online review. This is because a personal recommendation comes with a level of trust that a review on a website cannot always provide. A referral also allows you to get to know the person who is recommending the business, which can help you determine if they are trustworthy or not.

Compare Prices

Finally, compare prices between different companies before making your final decision. This will then ensure that you are getting the very best deal possible on your move.

Locally Owned, Locally Based

When it comes time to choose your long-distance moving company, it’s crucial to select one that is based in your city. There are several reasons this is a better option than choosing a company based out of state.

family owned, local movers in denver
A Family Owned, Local Moving Company
  • First, hiring a local moving company means you’ll have easy access to them if there are any problems or questions. If something goes wrong with your move, you’ll be able to get help quickly and easily. Additionally, if you need to store any of your belongings temporarily, you’ll be able to do so without transporting them long distances.
  • Second, a local moving company is often cheaper than hiring a company from out of state. This is because the local company doesn’t have to pay for transportation costs and can keep their prices lower.
  • Finally, using a local moving company ensures that your belongings will be handled carefully. The movers will be familiar with the area and the routes involved in your move, which means that they’ll know how to avoid potential problems. They’ll also have knowledge of the best ways to pack and transport your belongings, which will help to ensure their safety during the move.

Following these tips, you should have no problem finding the best long-distance movers in Denver. With some research, you can easily locate a company that will make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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