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Moving to Nebraska from Colorado

Otherwise known as the “Cornhusker State,” Nebraska is a great place to raise a family, retire, and enjoy some fantastic Midwest hospitality. If you are considering relocating from Colorado to Nebraska for a new job or a fresh start but do not know too much about America’s 37th state, learning about the ins and outs of moving to Nebraska and finding the ideal city to call home is a great start.

Here is a little bit of information about relocating from beautiful Colorado to sunny Nebraska.

long distance moving to nebraska
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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Nebraska

Whether you are retiring after a lengthy career, your high schooler is exploring colleges, or you simply want to start a new adventure, there are several amazing reasons why you should consider Nebraska.

Nebraska has a rich history

From the William Jennings Bryan House in Lincoln to the beautiful Nebraska State Capital, there are several historical landmarks to visit throughout the state. Additionally, Nebraska is also well-known for its culture and boasts over 1,000 museums spread throughout the state.

low crime rate nebraskaNebraska’s low crime rate

If you want a place where you can relax and raise a family, Nebraska is the place for you. The rate of crime, including violent crime, is far lower than the national average.

The weather

Nothing compares to hot summers in the Midwest, so if you love to enjoy the seasons, pack your back, call a moving company and move to Nebraska. The winters are mild in Nebraska, as well. However, be aware that the only downside to the weather in Nebraska is the threat of tornadoes, as Nebraska is situated in the part of the country called “Tornado Alley.”

The temperate conditions mean you can hop in your car any time of the year and enjoy the state’s many outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to a leisurely stroll through the park.

The lower healthcare costs

Many retirees are rethinking their relocation to Florida and choosing Nebraska instead. The overall cost of healthcare is far lower in Nebraska than the national average and lower than the healthcare costs in Colorado.

cheap healthcare services
Pay Less For Medical Insurance In Nebraska

The amazing schools

For many parents of young children, moving to a state with a stellar school system is a top priority. Some of the best schools are found in the great state of Nebraska, from the elementary schools to the colleges and universities.

The Best Places to Live in Nebraska

The population of Nebraska is a respectable 1.7 million citizens. However, because the state is so small, you might feel crowded. This is because while there are several small cities throughout Nebraska to call home, well over half of the state’s citizens live in urban and suburban areas.

If you are considering calling moving companies to start your relocation journey, here are a few of the best cities in Nebraska to call home.


If you are moving from Denver, Boulder, or any of the other major metropolitan areas in Colorado and still want to enjoy the benefits of city living, Omaha is the place for you. The home of the University of Nebraska, Omaha, boasts some of the state’s best restaurants, parks, and countless other family-oriented stuff to do.

Like other major cities in Nebraska, Omaha has a modest population of 487,000 people, plenty of job opportunities, excellent school districts, and friendly residents.

long distance moving nebraska
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North Platte

A big city with a small-town feel, North Platte is an excellent place to live, make new friends, and enjoy a simple, laid-back life. Much like the rest of Nebraska, North Platte boasts world-class dining, historical landmarks, and friendly, wonderful people. Plus, the cost of living is also relatively low in the suburbs and small towns surrounding North Platte.


The capital of Nebraska, Lincoln, is the home of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, the Sheldon Museum of Art, and for car lovers, the Museum of American Speed. The job opportunities in Lincoln are plentiful, the cost of rent is reasonable, and there are several ways to spend a summer afternoon, including restaurants, parks, shopping, and museums.

Tell Me the Cost of Living in Nebraska.

Before you contact Nebraska movers or a moving company in Colorado, you want to ensure that you can afford to live in Nebraska. The overall cost of living in Nebraska is well below the national average and below average when compared to other states in the West and Midwest.

The average renter can expect to pay approximately $1,102 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. The cost of a studio apartment is even cheaper and averages around $988 each month. However, like in most states, you will typically pay more for rent if you live in the state’s larger cities, including Omaha and Lincoln than in the smaller towns spread throughout Nebraska.

The housing market in Nebraska is hot, but that does not mean you will pay a small fortune to be amongst Nebraska’s other homeowners. The average homeowner paid approximately $249,000 for their house, which is well below the average cost of homes in nearby states — including Colorado, which has a median home cost of roughly $578,000!

The majority of residents in Nebraska own their homes instead of renting. If you love the idea of owning land to build your dream house or purchasing a home in an established community, there are tons of opportunities to lay down roots in the major cities and small towns of Nebraska.

nebraska tax return
Let’s Move To Nebraska

The living costs in Nebraska are reasonably low. Still, before you contact moving companies in Nebraska or Colorado, you want to know about the minor, often overlooked cost of living in any state. For example, what are the excise, property, and gas prices in Nebraska?

Like other states, the main excise tax in Nebraska is levied against the sale of gasoline, cigarettes, cell phones, and the Nebraska car tax. Unfortunately, one of the worst aspects of living in Nebraska is the income tax.

Nebraska’s income tax, property taxes, and corporate tax are above the national average and also above the average in nearby states. However, these numbers are offset by the relatively low cost of housing, food, and transportation.

job market nebraskaHow is the Job market in Nebraska?

For many, knowing there is a good job waiting for them is the difference between calling a Nebraska moving company and staying put in Colorado. There are several essential questions you need answers to. Are companies hiring? Will my income be high enough to support my family?

There are several companies hiring in Nebraska, including companies in the educational, meat packing, healthcare, amusement, and recreation industries.

Tell me about the median salary in Nebraska.

If the above descriptions don’t convince you to hire a Nebraska moving or Colorado moving company, then the median salary in the state will. The average salary in Nebraska is above $55,000 a year. The average salary is thanks to the many companies that are hiring in the state, including companies in Omaha, Lincoln, and the other most significant cities in the state.

Tell me the unemployment rate in Nebraska.

As you would expect from a state with so many companies actively hiring, the unemployment rate in Nebraska is approximately 2.2%, which is well below the country’s average of around 3.7%. The low unemployment rate, coupled with the opportunities for high-income jobs through a variety of thriving companies, makes Nebraska a great place to explore!

moving nebraska costHow Much Does It Cost to Move from Colorado Springs, CO, to Nebraska?

You are ready to start calling long-distance moving companies to make your Nebraska moving dreams a reality. However, you naturally would want to know how much the overall cost of the move from Colorado to Nebraska would be. Because it is an interstate move, there are several factors to consider.

Typically, for interstate moves, the moving companies will charge you based on the distance you are moving, the overall weight of the move, and any additional cost associated with hiring labor. For example, the moving companies will charge you extra if you require additional labor to relocate your belongings.

Other factors will also influence the overall cost of hiring movers. For instance, if you move in the summer, it will typically cost you more than hiring long-distance movers in the winter or spring. This is because the summer and fall are the busy seasons, and the favorable conditions mean more people are contacting movers.

If you hope to move in the summer, contact movers well in advance to ensure you can secure a spot in the busy Nebraska moving season.

Tips for Finding a Reputable Colorado Movers

With such a massive number of moving companies to choose from, it can seem almost impossible to narrow down your choices while finding reputable Colorado moving companies. The best place to start narrowing down Colorado moving companies is to ask friends and family members for recommendations.

Checking the internet for reviews of various Colorado moving companies is a good place to start, as well. Do the movers have satisfied customers or did they not meet their deadlines or charge more than the customer initially quoted?

Also, look for common red flags that signal the Colorado moving companies are not reputable. For instance, if any of the Colorado moving companies ask you to pay for a moving quote, take this as a serious red flag. All reputable moving companies offer their potential customers free quotes.

If the quote is far lower than other Colorado movers, take this as a sign that the company is not reputable, as well. Instead, choose a Colorado company that has a fair price and a stellar reputation.

Finally, if you really want to save the most money possible, hire movers from Colorado rather than Nebraska movers. Nebraska movers might come in at a lower quote, but chances are you will be charged for the extra cost of fuel and mileage from Nebraska to Colorado.

If you are ready to start your adventure in Nebraska, there are several amazing cities to choose from. The best place to start your journey is to contact a Colorado moving company for a moving quote!

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