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Guide & Tips On How You Can Save Money on Your Long-distance Moving Costs

Moving from one place to another for a new job or any other reason is not easy. It requires weeks of preparation and effort. Of course, the challenges you have to face may vary.

For instance, moving from Denver to San Jose will require different preparations than moving from Denver to Parker. At times your relocation is a consequence of a job relocation. In some cases, your employer may reimburse your moving expenses or be able to take care of the moving process for you.

Nevertheless, even if somebody else takes care of your moving costs, you still have to prepare well in advance for things like finding a new home, packing, and hiring movers.

what are some expenses i should know about

Moving expenses may include transportation costs, professional help with packing and unpacking, temporary storage costs, and more. Transportation costs may be considered the most important in a long-distance move.

These will include fuel expenses for your car or a rental truck, moving truck services, and other transportation-related costs.

Surprising as it may sound, doing everything yourself will not necessarily save you money!

It may even cost you more. Professional Denver movers know how to properly pack furniture and other items that cannot be damaged during transportation. If you are not considering a DIY move, hiring professional movers in Denver who will move your belongings is highly recommended.

top 10 things to know before moving

What you should know before hiring movers in Denver, CO

Before hiring a professional mover in Denver, ask them about their services. Learn about specific steps in the move process, cost estimates, and services provided.

A good Denver moving company will help you avoid additional expenses or fines during your relocation. Ask how their price is calculated, what is included in their services list, etc.

how to save money when moving

How to save money when you move out of state: 5 tips from experts

what are miscellaneous items

Pack all miscellaneous items by yourself

The more professional Denver movers pack for you, the higher your moving costs will be. Try to pack all fragile and loose items yourself to save money on long-distance moving costs. Your movers should be responsible for protecting your furniture with moving blankets.

what should i leave behind while moving

Get rid of things you haven’t used in over six months

If you are not sure whether a certain item should be packed or not, ask yourself if you’ve used it in the past six months. If you haven’t used it for this long, chances are you’ll never need this particular item again.

Get rid of it! Be reasonable and do not get rid of things that might come in handy during your relocation.

what items should i downsize

Downsize your belongings

Knowing how to save money on your long-distance moving costs does not necessarily mean hiring a smaller truck. You can also downsize your belongings, but you must do it the right way.

Go through all things you’re planning to move, and only keep the most necessary ones. Ask yourself if certain items are essential for your new place. If you live by yourself, do not pack many things that belong to a household of four people.

how to pick a moving date

Be flexible with moving dates

Before hiring movers in Denver or any other city, ask them about their availability on the date you plan to move. Yes, this will affect the final price quote you receive. But if you can be flexible, the chances are the movers will offer you a lower moving cost.

where can i get free moving boxes

Look for free boxes and supplies

If you plan to move on a budget, consider asking family and friends if they have any spare moving boxes. You can also look for them at grocery stores or ask the movers whether they provide packing supplies.

trusted moving company

Don’t book with the first moving company you come across

Asking for a moving quote is the best way to hire affordable movers in Denver. Ask your potential professional mover for a quote and compare it with other offers. If possible, ask friends, co-workers, or family for referrals.

Keep in mind that the bigger van lines charge more than family-owned moving companies in Denver, CO. Avoid moving brokers because they provide free quotes but require a nonrefundable deposit from you once you pay them.

best moving company

Choose from the best interstate moving companies for a better price

If you live in the Denver, CO area and are looking for movers to assist you with your out-of-state move, there are three things you should check before contacting a company:

  1. Get at least three moving quotes. The more quotes you receive, the higher the chance of finding affordable or cheap Denver interstate movers that will meet your budget.
  2. Verify the company’s licenses. This step is crucial! You do not want to hire a long-distance moving company that isn’t licensed or insured. You can use the following link to verify: Colorado PUC and US DOT license.
  3. Ask for an in-home or video walkthrough. This will help you assess whether or not the company can meet your professional interstate moving requirements. It is also the only way to receive a true Binding not to exceed quote for your long-distance move.

free quotes from moving companies

Get an instant quote now

If you need quotes for a cheap or affordable mover in Denver, CO, simply fill out the form on this page, and within minutes our moving experts will contact you with a free moving estimate.

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